Best Good Night Quotes

32+ Best Good Night Quotes

Someone once said, “Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.” So if you’re looking for the best good night quotes to send someone or to say to yourself before going to sleep then you’re in luck.

All of these quotes are from famous authors and poets. They all have a different perspective on what a goodnight means. Some people find a goodnight as a way of wishing the person they love well and others find it as a time for contemplation and introspection.

Best Good Night Quotes
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32 Best Good Night Quotes

‘‘My Love you are the one who has given me sleepless nights. Sweetheart because of you I tend to hold my cushion tight. What’s more, because of you I can’t rest without saying goodnight.’’

‘‘Honey, you are my last thought before I go to sleep and you will be my first thought when I wake up till my last breath.’’

‘‘Prayers to be the key in the first part of the day and the bolt during the evening.’’

‘‘Each day I wish to god that I wake up next to you and hold you tight instead of just sending you a sweet message of Good Night.’’

‘‘Do you know the moon is so lucky to spend the entire night with you? Because Sun is going to dusk but moon dances in bliss.’’

‘‘May you nightmare of delightful things and all your dreams become true in reality. ’’

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‘‘May God sends angels to guard my Angel while you dream.’’

‘‘There is a big surprise for you that is fuzzy and warm before you get end number of thoughts, sending you lots of goodnight hugs and kisses. ’’

Inspirational Good Night Quotes

‘‘I pray to god every day that my all dreams will work out as expected. At that point, I recall that I am present with you.’’

‘‘Every night you rest is a flag that a fresh start anticipates my love.’’

‘‘Hello, sleep I adore you now we had issues when I was more youthful I realize it.’’

‘‘Wake up with a goal that doesn’t let you sleep until you do it with full determination. Hit the bed with complete fulfillment.’’

Amazing Good Night Quotes

Amazing Good Night Quotes

‘‘Soon that day will come when no longer we have to say goodbye in our life, the only goodnight.’’

‘‘I miss you my darling for you; Tonight I could walk a thousand miles to spend my entire life with you.’’

‘‘See the dreams at night and make it happen in a day. Now it’s time to fall asleep and dream about it. Good Night’’

‘‘Touch your heart my love and close your eyes, I’m beside you dream sweet dreams and cuddle the pillow tight. ’’

‘‘My bed just called me. It said it is missing you and wants us to join it in a dream world. How about we go ahead and answer the call.’’

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‘‘Always finish today’s work before the end of the day on a positive node. Even it is difficult to finish, a new opportunity for tomorrow is waiting.’’

Emotional Good Night Quotes

‘‘A beautiful day is over and night has come. Grasp your fantasies, as the night progressed. An entirely new day is waiting for you dear.’’

‘‘You are always in my mind baby because I cannot sleep without thinking about my heartbeat that is you.’’

‘‘Baby look out your window now. Even If we might be away right now from each other, we can both look up at a similar moon. I Miss You! ’’

‘‘God shows the direction resembles a little light in a dark forest. God indicates everything without a moment’s delay. Goodnight!’’

‘‘You’re always in my thought my Angel since this is only I want to say to stay in touch.’’

‘‘Without sunset, stars won’t be able to shine.’’

‘‘Before you fall asleep, I want to remind you are the best person I have ever met. Keep in mind that I appreciate you and care for you. I Love You Sweet dreams!’’

Good Night Quotes in English for Friends

Good Night Quotes in English for Friends

‘‘Be thankful to god before bed. Live in a moment. It will decide what you had always wanted in your dreams.’’

‘‘We both are in the wrong place right now. I wish we would be on the same bed.’’

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‘‘Love can’t be express in words it is rarest feelings. Capturing your heart is want I dream every night, but you already have it, sweetheart.’’

‘‘For a short time, you forget everything. Sleeping is good.’’

‘‘Be in a good mood at the end of every day. Tomorrow will be a new beginning in your life.’’

‘‘Rather than just sending a message I wish I would be next to you to give a goodnight kiss.’’

‘‘Without you, I feel incomplete my sweetheart. My heart knows you are the one for me. I will always be with you. Goodnight’’

Good Night Quotes for Someone Special

A good night message can go a long way to make your loved one feel special. A good night message is the best way to end your day with a positive note. It should be short, sweet, and straight to the point.

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The following are some of the best good night quotes for someone who has been thinking about you all day:-

“Goodnight my angel, I hope you have sweet dreams tonight.”

“Goodnight my love. I pray our love lasts for eternity and beyond!”

“My day was made because I got to spend it with you. Goodnight! “

“I may not be able to say it enough but thank you for always being there for me through thick and thin.

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