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Cute Bunny Quotes Sayings

A bunny is a fuzzy, semi-tropical animal that lives outdoors and can be very cute. They typically live inside a rabbit hole and jump out and run around periodically. Their tails are also fluffy and small. Some people may say that they’re just rabbits while others call them bunnies. They’re often called “honey bunnies” or “cottontails. ”

Cute bunny quotes and sayings can make you feel warm and fuzzy, all the way down to your toes. “I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

Cute bunny quotes sayings for your enjoyment.

Cute Bunny Quotes Sayings

“Why is the rabbit unafraid? Because he’s smarter than the panther.”-  Charles Morse, ‘The Edge’

“Sometimes you remind me a lot of James. He called it my ‘furry little problem’ in company. Many people were under the impression that I owned a badly behaved  bunny.”

 “Bunnies… are like human beings in many ways.”- Richard Adams, ‘Watership Down’

“I have always wanted a rabbit and I’ll always have a rabbit the rest of my life.”-  Amy Sedaris

“I can hypnotize rabbits.”- Elena Anaya

“Humans are like bunnies. Some can be incredibly sweet, and some can be little demons. Either way they are dumb.”-  Alice Jansing

“Bunnies will always have a special place in my heart. They are often discredited as being good pets because they don’t ‘do anything’—ask any rabbit owner and watch how they laugh!”- Shenita Etwaroo

“The dog and the rabbit are telling us not to chase unattainable material goals.”- Kit Williams

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“Ideas are like bunnies. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”- John Steinbeck

Rabbit Love Captions for Instagram

Cute Rabbit Captions for Instagram

“The truth is a rabbit in a bramble patch. All you can do is circle around and say it’s somewhere in there.”- Pete Seeger

“A rabbit’s foot may bring good luck to you, but it brought none to the rabbit.”- Ambrose Bierce

“Don’t fight the rabbits. If you fight the rabbits, the elephants are going to kill you.”-  Bobby Knight

“The other day when I was walking through the woods, I saw a rabbit standing in front of a candle making shadows of people on a tree.”- Steven Wright

“If the poor bunnies knew I was selling their dead bodies for wine, they would be heartbroken.”- David Adams Richards

“If a rabbit defined intelligence the way man does, then the most intelligent animal would be a rabbit, followed by the animal most willing to obey the commands of a rabbit.”- Robert Brault

“If there are nine bunnies on the ground, if you want to catch one, just focus on one.”– Jack Ma

Rabbit Love Captions for Instagram

“Bunnies need dignity and above all the will to accept their fate.“- Richard Adams

“I’ll give you three guesses, Rabbit. Digging holes in the ground? Wrong. Leaping from branch to branch of a young oak tree? Wrong. Waiting for somebody to help me out of the river? Right. Give Rabbit time, and he’ll always get the answer.”-  A. A. Milne, ‘The House At Pooh Corner’

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“The older I get, the more I see a straight path where I want to go. If you’re going to hunt for elephants, don’t get off the trail for a bunny.”-  T. Boone Pickens

“Romance, like the bunny at the dog track, is the elusive, fake, and never attained reward which, for the benefit and amusement of our masters, keeps us running and thinking in safe circles.”- Beverly Jones

“All too often, the rabbit hole is as deep as you have dug it.”- Gary Hopkins

“My point is that when you look at a bunny and can see only a pest, or vermin, or a meal, or a commodity, or a laboratory subject, you aren’t seeing the bunny anymore. ”- Matthew Scully, ‘Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy’

Bunny Eating Quotes

“I don’t know why one can’t chase two bunnies at the same time, even in the literal sense of those words. If you have the hounds, go ahead and pursue.”- Anton Chekhov

“I’ve got a fondness for bunnies.”- Martin McDonagh

“Better the arrow that missed the lion than the one that killed a bunny.”-  Thiruvalluvar

“Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch bunnies. Yet he is lord of all the animals.”- George Orwell, ‘Animal Farm’

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“A politician should have three hats. One for throwing into the ring, one for talking through, and one for pulling bunnies out of if elected.”- Carl Sandburg

Rabbit Proverbs

Rabbit Proverbs

“You can’t be chasing 15 bunnies. Otherwise, the public mind cannot follow you.”– Brian Mulroney

“A great many people now reading and writing would be better employed keeping bunnies.”

“I am Bunny. I can be anywhere. I can be everywhere. I am outside time. I am outside dimension. Do you want me? I am yours.”- Mark Andrew Poe, ‘Ending Easter’

“Slow and steady wins the race, only and only if the bunny, competent, sleeps a while. But, fast and consistency always win it, even if bunny is awaken.”– Syed Ather

Peter Rabbit Quotes

“Human beings say, ‘It never rains but it pours.’ This is not very apt, for it frequently does rain without pouring. The bunnies’ proverb is better expressed. They say, ‘One cloud feels lonely’: and indeed it is true that the sky will soon be overcast.”– Richard Adams

“Bunnies are so cute! ” is what many people say when they see one. There are many quotes about bunnies that are also quite touching. Here are some of the best quotes for you to read when you feel down!

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