33+ Good Night My Love Quotes

There is nothing like the thought of spending the night with your love. Cuddling in bed with all your favourite things near you, it’s almost like you’re in heaven. If you want to end the day with the perfect goodnight to your lover then use one of these cute, sultry or sleepy quotes to wish them a good night. Here are some good night my love quotes that you can use to send to your lover at the end of the day.

The best way to wish your loved one a good night is with romantic quotes. Whether you are in a long distance relationship, or they are sleeping already, these quotes will surely make your partner feel special.

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Good Night Message to Make Her Fall in Love With You

A collection of the best good night quotes for your love. Share these quotes to your partner with some love and kisses.

  1. ‘‘You have not only been an inspiration throughout today, but you’ve also gained massively from the inspiration you so much exude. Have a good night, my love.’’
  2. ‘‘After such a stressful and productive day. You deserve to have the best night. Goodnight to you, my love.’’
  3. ‘‘You’re the one that makes sleeping very easy for me. Just having you lie beside me makes me wanna rest. Have a good night, my love.’’
  4. ‘‘I hope you sleep well and dream of our future together. Goodnight, my love.’’
  5. ‘‘You’re still the only one I know that’s as passionate about work as he is about rest. I hope you have a great night.’’
  6. ‘‘My favourite part of every night is watching you sleep peacefully. Goodnight to you, my love.’’
  7. ‘‘As you close your eyes to rest your body, may you be visited by the angel of peace so that your night would not only pass in a daze but make you indeed refreshed. Goodnight, my love.’’
  8. ‘‘You still make my heart beat fast even in your sleep. Goodnight to you, my love’’
  9. ‘‘You are going to have the best sleep tonight and every other night because you deserve at least that. Have a good night, my love.’’
  10. ‘‘After so much hard work for the day, I hope you get sleep enough to rejuvenate you for tomorrow’s work. Goodnight, my love’’
  11. ‘‘I hope I get to kiss you goodnight and wrap you around me as you sleep. Goodnight, my love.’’
  12. ‘‘Stay motivated even as you go to sleep, it has a lot to do with how much rest you are going to get. Goodnight to you, my love.’’
  13. ‘‘Even as you go to sleep, be rest assured that someone has you on her mind. Have a good night, my love.’’
  14. ‘‘Put your worries aside and embrace the peace and quiet that comes with the night. Goodnight, my love.’’
  15. ‘‘Because tomorrow is just around the corner and a promise for greater things, you’re allowed to rest tonight. Have a good night, my love.’’
  16. ‘‘You’re about a touch away from me but because I wouldn’t want to disturb your sleep, I would rather keep my hands to myself. Goodnight to you, my love.’’
  17. ‘‘Whatever bothered you deeply during the cause of the day is surely not waking up with you tomorrow. Have a good night, my love.’’
  18. ‘‘Ensure you go to bed happy and not hungry so that you enjoy your beauty sleep. Goodnight, my love.’’
  19. ‘‘You’re the light and colour of my world. I hope you get as much light as you bring to my life. Have a good night, my love.’’
  20. ‘‘The only time you’re completely rid of trying to please anybody is when you’re asleep. Have a good night, my love.’’
  21. ‘‘You are at liberty to sleep however you want but it’s better to sleep well like the king you are. Goodnight to you, my love.’’
  22. ‘‘ May the angels in dreamland be kind enough to feed you wonderful dreams that will make a smile break on your face as you awake on the morrow. Goodnight to you, my love.’’
  23. ‘‘Since the set of the sun, your body has anticipated the joy of getting so much rest in the beauty that is sleep. Have a good night, my love.’’
  24. ‘‘Maybe I don’t know all the things you’re set to achieve come tomorrow but I know you’ll need all the energy to get the great things done. Goodnight, my love.’’
  25. ‘‘May you have a reason to smile in your sleep and wake up looking fresher than you are now. Have a good night, my love.’’
  26. ‘‘You’re going to the sleep villa soon and I hope you go with fewer burdens and embrace its utmost welcome. Goodnight, my love.’’
  27. ‘‘You may wake up tomorrow feeling very different from how you feel right now, I hope you feel better. Goodnight, my love.’’
  28. ‘‘It’s probably for a while and also as needed as the next breath. Have a good night, my love.’’
  29. ‘‘You’re going to feel better about everything after you’ve had enough rest. Goodnight to you, my love.’’
  30. ‘‘It doesn’t matter how much you’ve had to swallow today. A sleep will make everything better.’’
  31. ‘‘It’s okay to feel sleepy, it’s probably your body giving you the signal that you have done a good job for the day. Goodnight to you, my love.’’
  32. ‘‘Just another night to explore the dreamland, I hope you have a good time exploring.’’
  33. ‘‘Sleep doesn’t have much regard for anyone so, if sleeping is all that’s on your mind, give it a chance before it chances you. Goodnight to you, love’’
  34. ‘‘The night is saying hello in the most romantic way, pick this call and have a good night rest.’’

It’s the most wonderful time of the day – it’s bedtime! Send a sweet text or text message to say goodnight to your favorite person in the world. Here are a few good night my love quotes for inspiration: “Sweet dreams, sleep tight, I’ll see you in the morning light. Give me the chance, to steal another kiss before you drift off tonight. ” -“I can’t sleep so you might as well cuddle with me.

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