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38 Good Night God Bless Quotes

Night is the best time to say prayers. Some people say that it is the best time to say your prayers because Allah (SWT) will always be looking at you and you will always be in his sight. They say that the qiblah (direction to face for prayer) is still pointing towards Mecca, so there is no chance of your prayer being invalidated.

‘‘Good night to you dear preferred one! Being with you was so sweet today; it was as though I shouldn’t depart from you. But I have to say good night. I will see you tomorrow.’’

‘‘The Bible says, in everything; give thanks to God, because that is the will of God for you in Christ. Remember to say a big thank you to God while you lay to rest tonight.’’

‘‘May God’s grace and love be the pillow upon which you rest your head, may it be the blanket covering your bed. May His peace surround you and give you rest from all your labor.’’

‘‘I wish you a sweet sleep and wonderful night rest, I pray that you will wake up tomorrow morning with renewed strength. Good night and God bless you.’’

‘‘The day is over, now the night has come. Today is gone; we can never have such again. I’m sure your day was well invested. Have a blissful night’s rest.’’

‘‘May God show you the way to a better tomorrow through your sleep, may you wake up with better pictures of His plans for your life.’’

Good Night God Bless Sweet Dreams

Good Night Blessings

‘‘I wish you goodnight and Sweet dreams, may your tomorrow be so bright and great. God bless you, dear friend. I love you.’’

‘‘It’s my pleasure to say a good night to you, dear lover, may you see angels in your dreams to show His plans for your life.’’

‘‘Sleep is the best time to get refreshed for the activity of the next day. My desire for you is that you will be refreshed as you sleep tonight. Good night!’’

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‘‘Goodnight and sweetest dreams are all yours through the night, till darkness goes, and a new day breaks again. I Love you.Life is full of new beginnings, and a new day brings tomorrow.’’ 

‘‘an opportunity for a new beginning. Life affords you a new beginning as one-day passes and another comes. Good night!’’

‘‘May the angels of God guard your dream while you sleep tonight and the gentle breeze of the night keeps you cool and refreshed as you lay to bed.’’

‘‘The activity of the day is over, it’s time to rest. You’ve given the day your best. Sleep well my dearest. Tomorrow comes so fast, close your eyes, and rise in new strength.’’

Good Night God Bless Sweet Dreams

‘‘Amazingly, another day is over. Good night, sleep well, and look forward to the best tomorrow brings to you.’’

‘‘May the good memories of today accompany you to bed and showcase in your dreams. Have a blissful night rest!’’

‘‘Saying goodnight to you is a way of expressing my warm affection for you. Wishing you a pleasant and restful sleep. Good night dearest. God bless you.’’

‘‘Goodnight to you dearest, I wish I could say that over and over again. What more is there to say than a goodnight after your productive engagement during the day? Have a sweet dream!’’

‘‘I wish you a good night, as each bird has gone to its nest, and the sun sinks beneath the west. A cool, and calm night has come at last. Have a pleasant rest!’’

Good Night Blessings Prayers Images

‘‘Slept tight, good night, awake full of joy at the light of the morning to take your place and position in your destiny. You’re blessed.’’

‘‘May you fall asleep in the arms of a thrilling dream, that will give you hope of pursuing your dream with the new strength at the dawn of the new morning. Good night, God bless you.’’

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‘‘Dearest, I want you to go to sleep bearing in mind that I love you this day, tomorrow, and till eternity. My love for you grows stronger. Goodnight, the beautiful one!’’

Goodnight God Bless I Love You

‘‘Beautiful one, I pray that you sleep like a baby, knowing that God has everything worked out for a wonderful new day. Good night and God bless you.’’

‘‘As you end this day, before you sleep, reminisce on your blessings, not the failures you have encountered during the day. This will keep you grateful! Good night!’’

‘‘Good night dearest one, I pray that as you sleep, God will watch over you, and may you awake in new strength in Jesus’ name.’’

‘‘May the God of great love fill your heart with thoughts of His comfort and peace as you go to bed tonight. May He reveal His mind to you and guide you through visions of heavens.’’

‘‘Great one, may the Lord keep you and give you rest through the night, your burdens and cares are lifted off and your soul shall find rest as you resort to bed tonight.’’

‘‘God of the whole earth, I thank you for the night time, the stars are so beautiful and bright. Your blessings are endless, and your mercy is everlasting. Give us good rest as you promise us tonight in Jesus’ name. Amen.’’

‘‘May the God and Father who is above all, cover you in love and peace as you take your rest tonight. May He bless your sleep, and keep you refreshed.’’

Good Night God Bless Sweet Dreams

Good Night Blessings Prayers Images

‘‘As you laid down for a night of rest, May the Lord keep you joyful and bless you beyond measure.’’

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‘‘Dear father and God, I ask that you watch over your preferred ones as he/she sleeps tonight. Fill his/her life with goodness and joy.’’

‘‘My dearest one, I pray that as you sleep tonight, our God in heaven will keep you safe in His love and give you renewed strength for another day.’’

‘‘It’s my prayers that the Lord will fill your heart with the vision of the heavens to give you hope for the new day.’’

‘‘Beloved one, I send you prayers for a good night’s rest, for victorious dreams, and a great morning. All of these will be your experience all through the night.’’

‘‘May the beauty of the love of the Lord overshadow your soul as you observe your rest removing all fear, and giving you perfect peace from all your concerns in Jesus’ name.’’

‘‘As you sleep tonight, I ask Jesus to please guide you and family and keep you in his hands safe and strong.’’

‘‘Let forgiveness of sins be ours as we sleep tonight, forgive our wrongs and shortcomings through your mercies in the name of Jesus.’’

Good Night Blessings Images and Quotes

‘‘I pray that God will handle all your fear and anxiety so that you may sleep in peace and rest in His faithful promises tonight.’’

‘‘May the God of comfort and peace send you refreshing sleep and keep you calm throughout the night in Jesus’ name.’’

In a world where many of us are stressed or upset, one of the best things we can do is to seek peace and fulfillment. These quotes are encouraging and hopeful.

In a world where many of us are stressed or upset, one of the best things we can do is to seek peace and fulfillment. These quotes are encouraging and hopeful for a better future.

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