Melanie Martinez Quotes K-12

Melanie Martinez Song Quotes

There are a lot of great Melanie Martinez song quotes out there. Some of my favorites are “Don’t be a baby,” “Soap,” and “Pity Party.” Martinez has a really unique and interesting way of looking at the world, and her lyrics reflect that. If you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to feel good, listening to a Melanie Martinez song is a great way to do it!

Melanie Martinez Song Quotes

“I’m nuts, baby, I’m mad. The craziest friend that you’ve ever had. You think I’m psycho, you think I’m gone. Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong. Over the bend, entirely bonkers. You like me best when I’m off my rocker. Tell you a secret, I’m not alarmed. So what if I’m crazy? The best people are crazy!” – Melanie Martinez, ‘Mad Hatter’

“I definitely love horror movies and all that for sure.” – Melanie Martinez

“Eventually, I started writing down a bunch of titles that related to childhood themes and would pair it with an adult situation that either I was going through or someone else in my life was going through.” – Melanie Martinez

“I was always hard on myself for taking things too personally.” – Melanie Martinez

“I’ll always definitely strive to write songs that are going to help people feel confident in themselves.” – Melanie Martinez

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“I never had a lot of friends growing up so having this insane amount of love and support really means a lot to me.” – Melanie Martinez

“We cut flowers because we think they’re pretty, we cut ourselves because we think we’re not.” – Melanie Martinez

“On the show, The Voice, I obviously wasn’t allowed singing my own original music, because it’s not that type of show. I think it’s really cool that I get to do my own thing now.” – Melanie Martinez

“I believe everyone should be equal, and we should all love and support each other and express ourselves the way we want to express ourselves and be whoever we want. That’s my motto.” – Melanie Martinez

“I’m really stubborn, and I’m ok with that.” – Melanie Martinez

“They call me cry baby, but I don’t f*cking care! Cry baby, cry baby. So I laugh through my tears. Cry baby, cry baby. ‘Cause I don’t f*cking care! Tears fall to the ground; I just let them drown.” – Melanie Martinez, ‘Cry Baby’

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“Everyone thinks that we’re perfect. Please don’t let them look through the curtains.” – Melanie Martinez, ‘Dollhouse’

Best Melanie Martinez Quotes

Melanie Martinez Quotes K-12

“I’m very, very in touch with my emotions.” – Melanie Martinez

“There are a lot of people who go their whole lives without truly knowing what love is, or ever experiencing that.” – Melanie Martinez

“I’ve had a lot of people come up to me after shows and tell me that ‘Dollhouse’ really helped them with whatever they were going through with their families. I thought that was really amazing, that it could mean one thing for me but another thing for someone else.” – Melanie Martinez

“Cry Baby is just a character in this world that I’m trying to create, and the music videos are really important to me, and I’ve fought to obviously get all of them approved.” – Melanie Martinez

“Basically it’s the idea of celebrities being in the spotlight and just because you think that they should be perfect, that they’re still human and they still have flaws just like everyone else. So that was the real meaning behind ‘Dollhouse’, at least how it related to me because it’s something I was annoyed with at the time.” – Melanie Martinez

“You speak sour lemonade to me. The bitter taste won’t let me be. One kiss was supposed to be so sweet. But I found grapefruit in your teeth. Old gum, is all you’ll ever be to me. I spit you out and brush my teeth.” – Melanie Martinez, ‘Bittersweet Tragedy’

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“Everyone is allowed to be vulnerable. I think women and men and dogs and cats and ants and aliens can all express themselves and be vulnerable.” – Melanie Martinez

“I think that any female who gets asked if she’s a feminist… it’s silly… it’s so interesting when people ask females if they’re a feminist. Of course every female wants to be equal!” – Melanie Martinez

“Round and round like a horse on a carousel, we go. Will I catch up to love? I could never tell. I know chasing after you is like a fairy tale, but I feel like I’m glued on tight to this carousel.” – Melanie Martinez, ‘Carousel’

“I just think that pop music is very interesting in how it can reach so many people. I like that I can tell stories and I just wanted to be heard more, I guess. That’s why it’s pop, but in my mind I don’t really view my music as pop, I don’t really view it as anything. I just look at it as a picture, I like visuals.” – Melanie Martinez

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“I’m a perfectionist, and even if something comes out great, it’s still not perfect, you know?” – Melanie Martinez

“Part of the problem with America is that letting go of emotions is viewed as a weakness, but it’s my strength. That enabled me to write my songs.” – Melanie Martinez

Short Melanie Martinez Quotes

“A lot of people say if you can’t love yourself, then you can’t love others. It’s always different, but I definitely have loved a lot in my life.” – Melanie Martinez

“I have definitely noticed I am very passionate. So if I’m fighting with someone I’ll be SO super loud and aggressive, and make sure that my point is heard.” – Melanie Martinez

“I’ve had so many insecurities, and am still getting over a lot.” – Melanie Martinez

“There are obviously so many artists that are very inspiring, but I can’t say that they like that I have someone in mind that is like a creative direction of where I want to go as an artist. I think I’m just doing my own thing.” – Melanie Martinez

“I love Sia and how she hides her face. If I could pull off doing that, I totally would.” – Melanie Martinez

“And it’s all fun and games ’til somebody falls in love, but you’ve already bought a ticket and there’s no turning back now.” – Melanie Martinez, ‘Carousel’

Short Melanie Martinez Quotes

Melanie Martinez Quotes From Songs

“My music is like a baby pink-frosted cake with sprinkles, but when you cut into it, there’s a gooey, dark chocolate center.” – Melanie Martinez

“I need to kill you. That’s the only way to get you out of my head. Oh, I need to kill you to silence all the sweet little things you said. I really want to kill you, wipe you off the face of my earth and bury your bracelet six feet under the dirt.” – Melanie Martinez, ‘Dead To Me’

“I think, being emotional is this thing that people think you’re not strong. They don’t look at you as a strong person, and it’s weird ‘cuz honestly being emotional has nothing to do with your strength.” – Melanie Martinez

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“Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special occasion. Stop withholding your love until that special person materializes.” – Melanie Martinez

Best Melanie Martinez Quotes

“I’m not used to writing about happy emotions, I’m just used to pulling from my sad or angry.. Happy emotions are very hard for me to portray in music.” – Melanie Martinez

“Doing music is time-consuming, will drain you, and stress you out at times. But in the end if you love doing it, and you’re putting out music you’re proud of, it will never feel like work. It’ll just feel like love.” – Melanie Martinez

“Everyone got to choose what they wanted to wear on stage, and by the third time going into wardrobe the stylists already knew what I’d love and what I would never throw on my body in a million years. They were fantastic, and it was so lovely working with them.” – Melanie Martinez

“I stay away from the title of ‘role model.’ I want to be a more realistic role model, not a perfect Barbie role model.” – Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez Quotes Mad Hatter

“I think that every decision I make in my life is based on an emotion and it definitely hurts me in some situations, and helps in some situations, like obviously writing and stuff is my favorite thing to do because I get to use all of my emotions and express them in that way.” – Melanie Martinez

“Why did you steal my cotton candy heart? You threw it in this d*mn coin slot, and now I’m stuck riding.” – Melanie Martinez, Carousel

Melanie Martinez is known for her dark and twisted songs, often with shocking lyrics. She isn’t afraid to express her thoughts and feelings in her music, which is why her songs are so popular. Many of her song quotes are thought-provoking and meaningful, and they offer a unique perspective on life.

Melanie Martinez is known for her dark and quirky music. She is also known for her interesting lyrics. Some of her most famous song quotes are “Don’t cry, don’t cry, my heart is breaking but I’m telling you why” and “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run, outrun my gun.”

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