Funny Quotes Written on Trucks

103 Funny Truck Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Looking for a good laugh? Check out these funny truck quotes that will have you rolling on the floor. From witty one-liners to hilarious stories, these quotes are sure to make you smile.

Some people might find this funny truck quotes amusing, but I just find them annoying. That being said, there are some good ones here and they’re sure to make you smile, or at least give you a chuckle. If they don’t, you probably need to find something else to laugh at.

If you have time, check out the hilarious truck quotes I have already posted and read through a few of the truck driver jokes, or this article on best truck driver jokes.

Funny Truck Quotes is a site dedicated to truckers and their trucks. We have collected all the best truck quotes in one place so that you don’t need to worry about finding that perfect saying to show your love for trucks.

Trucks are a symbol of freedom, strength, and individuality. The quotes on this page are for those who love trucks and want to share the love with other truck enthusiasts!

Funny Truck Quotes

‘‘Stories from the road.’’

‘‘We are the Truck driver.’’

‘‘All types of trucks.’’

‘‘It’s bigger than you think.’’

‘‘We drive.’’

‘‘Trucking across America.’’

‘‘American Truckload Shipping.’’

‘‘You drive our trucks.’’

‘‘Trucks for the road.’’

Funny Trucker Sayings

Funny Truck Quotes

‘‘You don’t have to follow the road.’’

‘‘When you start enjoying a hobby.’’

‘‘The truck I’m selling is the standout star of the show ????’’

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‘‘A lifestyle that never stops.’’

‘‘We drive the highways.’’

‘‘These roads were made for driving.’’

‘‘Truck drivers with love in their wheels.’’

‘‘We drive from dusk till dawn.’’

Funny Truck Quotes for Instagram

‘‘Real people, real stories, real trucks.’’

‘‘Get big trucking jobs.’’

‘‘Don’t be a pilot, be a driver’’

‘‘Some of us grew playing with tractors and trucks. The lucky ones still do.’’

‘‘The truck is a hunk of wood.’’

‘‘I’d rather ride in a diesel truck than in a Ferrari.’’

‘‘Built for adventure.’’

‘‘Off the road and into gear.’’

‘‘Trucking since 1954.’’

Funny Trucker Sayings

‘‘If you think this truck’s smoking’. You should see the driver!’’

‘‘Seeing a catering truck feels like home.’’ ― Dakota Johnson

‘‘Tuck love into your truck.’’

‘‘Haul your passion.’’

‘‘Truck drivers come back every day’’

‘‘Get the best out of your vehicle with these tools’’

‘‘Truck drivers, we get it done!’’

‘‘We deliver big.’’

‘‘Hold on tight.’’

Humorous Trucker Quotes

‘‘Trucking the way it should be.’’

‘‘Drive for a living.’’

‘‘My truck is such a pretty green! Also, it drives without a trailer. Because truck drivers matter.’’

‘‘Simple, yet whimsical and gorgeous. Love the two-tone pink and green! ’’

‘‘Where trucking meets the road.’’

‘‘We’re on the road, are you?’’

‘‘We’re on the road to success.’’

‘‘More truck than usual!’’

‘‘Truck driver – take a ride with us.’’

‘‘The best drivers are the most beautiful’’ — Pablo Neruda

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‘‘We deliver.’’

Funny Dodge Truck Sayings

‘‘We drive the road!’’

‘‘Basket running red.’’

‘‘We move America.’’

‘‘It’s time to get back on the road.’’

‘‘Boys never actually grow up, their toys just get bigger and more expensive.’’

‘‘Fire truck with back end on fire drives really fast in circles.’’ ― Demetri martin

‘‘We ship your freight.’’

‘‘I’m a truck driver!’’

‘‘Drive for your family’’

Funny Quotes Truck Slogans

‘‘We drive the road for you.’’

‘‘Truck drivers come back when it’s light’’

‘‘Truck driver will make you drive’’

‘‘The ultimate travel lover’s truck.’’

‘‘He’s got a huge long tail.’’

‘‘He beeps the horn and waves.’’

‘‘Every kiss does not begin with k.’’

‘‘We like to ride.’’

‘‘Truck drivers are loyal’’

Funny Quotes About Truck Drivers

‘‘Do what you love in what you drive.’’

‘‘Truck drivers do it in big trucks.’’

‘‘Keep calm and keep on trucking’.’’

‘‘Feel the road beneath you.’’

‘‘It’s a good life.’’

‘‘We drive the big trucks.’’

‘‘Truck, truck, truck!’’

‘‘Feel the speed.’’

‘‘Truck driving is life.’’

‘‘Where the ride is a journey.’’

Funny Quotes Truck Art Quotes

Truck Driver Funny Quotes

‘‘It begins with, i drive a lifted truck.’’

‘‘Truck driver’s dreams.’’

‘‘Find your turn’’

‘‘You can give your truck a set of classy wheels’’

‘‘I love trucking.’’

‘‘Truck drivers for life!’’

‘‘We are the first to arrive and the last to leave.’’

‘‘Some driving, some riding.’’

‘‘Find your kick.’’

Funny Truck Driver Quotes

‘‘True love is when a girl loves a guy as much as her truck.’’

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‘‘When one’s motor is reutilized.  truck ’’

‘‘Tell ’em where you’re from.’’

‘‘Truck drivers in love.’’

‘‘Haul the load.’’

‘‘Haul it!’’

‘‘Truck driver magazine.’’

‘‘We’re on the move.’’

‘‘Belton beauty pageant’’

‘‘The truck driver with the ultimate truck.’’

‘‘The best truck driver in the world.’’

‘‘California fire! This truck had it going on.’’

‘‘Keep your money close’’

‘‘We love to drive.’’

‘‘Truck drivers are people too.’’

Funny Tow Truck Quotes

‘‘Come on, you can’t name a truck after a chick.’’

‘‘Love trucks? You’ll love us!’’

‘‘Find good food on the road’’

‘‘If you can park and not look back as you walk away. You bought the wrong track.’’

‘‘Who else is in love with these trucks? ’’

The Funniest Truck Quotes of All Time

Truck drivers are an interesting bunch. Known to have their fair share of one-liners and wit, they’ve used them throughout the years. While humor doesn’t play a huge role in tracking, it’s important to remember that truck drivers need ways to vent their daily stresses after talking to customers for hours. What follows are some of the best truck quotes of all time.

Looking for a funny truck quote to finish off your work presentation? Check out these hilarious quotes about trucks that are sure to get a laugh. Or if you want to keep it clean, this article on funniest truck driver jokes has a few of the most humorous trucks driver jokes.

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